Compass Cancellation Guarantee (CCG)

COMPASS India, Inc. (USA)COMPASS CANCELLATION GUARANTEE was launched in April 2012 for the holiday season keeping in mind elderly travellers who book high value private tours to the Indian Subcontinent. This was a trial run with five tours booked and the maximum value sanctioned was $50000. The Guarantee is usually referred to as CCG and has been a huge success since then.
Since the company runs a risk of cancellations, there is a yearly amount and number of tours beyond which we neither propose nor confirm the guarantee and thus only a handful of tours are booked in this guarantee. Hence time is an essence for the same if it makes sense.
Currently it is updated with a maximum budget of $250000 and the management does not allow more than the value to be allowed as guarantee.
The total number of tours that can be booked with CCG is not regulated as of now or limited but the total amount guaranteed cannot exceed the above till further notice.
The CCG is a guarantee for trip cancellation wherein even if one cancels a tour till three days to the trip, the whole tour price is held as credit for the same tour for two years from the date of cancellation without any price escalation or conditions or deductibles.
Only conditions (when approved) are full tour price at booking and written acceptance of compliance parameters mentioned below. Moreover, it is only valid for travellers from Australia, Canada, UK and USA. No questions are asked and there are no deductibles including tax or service charge.

The conditions: (updated as on 31st of March 2015)
a. It does not offer any protection for baggage loss, medical expenses, cancelled international flights, etc.
b. No travel agent can book a tour with COMPASS on CCG.
c. The CCG is not an insurance product hence cannot be promoted, marketed or sold. There are no financial charges for the same.
d. The CCG can be transferred to any blood relation and limited to parents, brothers, sisters, children and grand children only when credit is availed.
e. The refund cannot be processed to anyone else.
f. International flights not originating in India or not booked by COMPASS cannot be covered by CCG.
g. The guarantee is valid for two years or 730 days (seven hundred and thirty) from the date of the last day of your booked tour and not the date you cancel.
h. The CCG can be clubbed with any or more “Savings & Benefits” that are valid and applicable when you book your tour.
Updated : 13.03.15
Version : 3 (THREE)
Authored : SP/ADMIN/GR/HQMEMO-093
PS: The above is updated and no other version offered by any tour consultant / advisor / specialist is valid. Please always note that any CCG can only be offered when approved by WECARE.
A SAMPLE CERTIFICATE is shown below that’s issued on your booking the tour.


This COMPASS CANCELLATION GUARANTEE (CCG) CERTIFICATE ensures a FULL REFUND of your tour value as mentioned above.
The beneficiary / traveler who is paying for the tour will get the total deposit back even if the tour is cancelled anytime till 3 days of the commencement of the tour (It is considered the first date of the tour and not the date you are boarding the flight to India).
The certified value is returned to you within the same financial year but always after the last date of the tour. If the credit option is chosen when cancelling the tour, the credit period is seven hundred and thirty days from the day of the tour and you can book anytime. The written cancellation to COMPASS must reach either by email to your consultant and copy to (Compass USA & OFFICE ONE oversees and coordinates all CCG because of compliance conditions).
This CERTIFICATE is valid only for the above person(s) and tour. It is non-transferable and cannot be traded if refund is availed. However, for credit usage, direct blood relations can book the tour.


All refunds are made using the same channel used for all receipts and under no circumstances a request will be entertained to use a different mode. This is to safeguard you and all financial institutions.

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