Compass India Inc. prides itself in its ability to custom design unforgettable luxury holidays in the Indian Subcontinent. To learn how Compass goes about making your holidays special, please read on.

It’s about you

Because no two travellers are the same, Compass makes a great effort to understand the person behind every query that it receives. Each guest is paired off, from the very first interaction, with a dedicated Indian subcontinent specialist.

The specialist works with the guest to keenly to understand her interests and motivations for travel. Every choice the specialist makes in the course of designing the vacation – be it destinations, activities, accommodation or mode of travel – is a function of this understanding.

In short, everything revolves around the guest.

The result is a unique holiday idea that’s tailor made to perfection for the guest. Even when the destination is as vast and diverse as the Indian subcontinent.

The right stuff

As you can perhaps tell, the task is far from easy. the Indian subcontinent is vast, exotic and breathtakingly beautiful. But it can also be chaotic and overwhelming, especially to the first time visitor. Quality of accommodation, food and hygiene may vary significantly from one destination to another. How does Compass then manage to usher its guests through this raucous roller-coaster of a subcontinent in luxury and comfort?

The answer lies in the vast knowledge and experience of the Compass team of Indian subcontinent specialists. Compass specialists typically have years of experience in the hospitality industry. They are highly attuned to the needs of the global luxury traveller and are trained to provide service quality that lives up to, and often surpasses the highest international standards. They repeatedly inspect, review and rate every single destination, hotel, car rental service, guide and driver to ensure that their honoured guests get the quality of holiday they are paying for.

Indefatigable travellers all, Compass specialists are zealously passionate about their areas on interest. For them, research is a way of life, as is regular travel in their chosen beats which helps them stay up to date and on the ball. They are knowledgable as only locals can be knowledgable.

As a result, they are uniquely skilled to be the ones to plan the holiday of your dreams.

The company we keep

To ensure a consistently superior experience for guests, Compass only works with handpicked partners they trust. A trust that’s built over years of association and feedback from happy guests. Even then, just to be sure, periodic reviews are undertaken to ensure that the service is just as good as it used to be.

From luxury hotels and airlines to car rental services, from highly trained guides and English speaking chauffeurs to boatmen and camel drivers, every Compass partner you’ll encounter on your holiday has been through Compass’ stringent review and rating process.

An eye for detail

Compass believes that small gestures matter. Which is why, you might find your subcontinent specialist enquiring after your reading habits. Rest assured you’ll always find reading material to your liking close at hand through the length of your holiday.

There will always be fresh tissues and complimentary mineral water at hand. Should you run out, you’ll find your supplies replenished at the next rest stop, as if by magic.

The car at your doorstep will always be freshly washed in the morning, even if you are on a desert safari.

Your guide will be articulate, polite and gender-sensitive. Your driver will be helpful and presentable. Both will be friendly without intruding upon your personal space.

Confused about tipping? Compass will provide you clearly labelled tipping envelopes for guides, drivers, hotel porters and so on with small denomination notes and coins for your convenience. The list goes on.

A friend at your fingertips

Even in the remotest reaches of the land, a Compass guest is never too far from a friend. Compass has a local representative at every major stop along your journey. He will be entirely at your service, whether in the unlikely event of an emergency, or to book a table at a quaint restaurant that catches your fancy.

You’ll also receive a complimentary mobile phone, yours for the length of your stay. The phone’s address book will have emergency numbers fed in, as well as those of senior Compass staff. They’ll be on call, any time of the day or night.

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